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The 8 pages below cover the key elements of my healthy atmosphere campaign and are written for reading in the order presented.

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Pollard Blakely's receiving

The following is a profound receiving by a Subud colleague. It resonates closely with the objectives of my campaign so he has given me permission to dedicate this page to it.

There Will Be Havens

(How To Survive Global Warming/Why Global Warming Is Coming)

The old legends and Bible stories of Atlantis, the Flood
And the collapse of the tower of Babel
All contain warnings for those who will listen.

For three centuries the art of science has gained
An ever stronger rule over mankind.
Humans have arrogantly pitched themselves into exploration,
And have challenged every word sent down by their Creator.
Mankind no longer stays close to the power of The Almighty.

Man was sent to earth with two tasks:
To use the short opportunity of free will
To understand something of creation,
And to act as stewards to their mother earth.

Men walk like fleas upon the face
Of the living being that is the earth,
And only recently, very recently,
Have begun to trouble the living soil that feeds them.

Mankind has multiplied without control,
Has polluted oceans and cut down forests,
Destroyed species and sealed
The skin of the earth with concrete.

Men have cut great raw scars
Upon the face of the earth
And taken from the earth
With ever increasing greed
Of the bounty that lies within
Of what is literally, the layer of fat beneath the skin.
Rivers run dead of fish,
Soil faces lie barren,
And the air is now being saturated with chemicals
That The Maker did not plan to be there.
Men have done all this with their free will.

Do not think that The Most Merciful is powerless.
For those who will take heed there are signs everywhere.
The Irresistible can unleash man upon man, as in the holocaust.

Allah fears not to take any soul
And to tear it from its safety,
As a plant's roots are torn from a plant pot
To produce a flower of singular beauty.
If that short agony will lead an immortal soul Into eternal life.

Such an act is a mercy
Because those who lack faith are condemned to sink
Into the cycle of the earth that bore them
And to fight tooth and nail in the eternal cycle of evolution
Until the day of the last trumpet.

Do not think that The Fashioner of Forms is afraid to bring down
Tsunami and earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes.
Those few who are righteous and kneel before The Reckoner
Saying help me Lord because I know I do not understand.
They will be warned of oncoming doom
And guided to safe havens.

The final disaster is not yet upon you.
If mankind can change, there is yet time
To halt the cycle that is being unleashed.
Warnings will increase in every few years.
There is yet time to take heed.
But many in power must take heed to halt the crisis.

Firstly: the armies of every nation state
And every organisation of terror and revolt.
Lay down your arms and by common treaty
Turn nine tenths of your swords into ploughshares.

One tenth is enough for any battles against evil
That may be forthcoming
And the arms race destroys thy Preserver's creation
And leads men into the folly
Of mutual destruction and chaos.

Rein in the arms dealers
And let them halt all trade in war.

Secondly: the petrochemical industry
And every great industry built upon petrochemicals.
Cease the hiring of thugs and bandits
To jockey to control the gift The Ever Providing gave you
And reduce by half its exploitation.

Give back to mankind twenty percent of your profit
In seeking solutions to the provision of clean energy
And environmental clean up.
Assuredly these tasks can be completed
If you cease your fighting and cooperate.

Thirdly: all who work in agriculture
And industries that process
Food and drink and medicine.

Know that the earth you dig is sacred
And cease to reduce her coverage of green matter,
And pollute her with chemicals.

The food and the medicines you must provide
For Jehovah's people, are a covenant and a trust
And alike are for healing.
Cease to use unclean materials in their processing.

Fourthly: oh you governments of The Most Holy's people.
Cease to legislate to line your pockets
And cease to interfere in the duties of The All Knowing
Over all the face of the earth.

Truly one third of all that is made
In wages and profits is your domain,
But one third and one third only.
Do not tax above this.
Return power to neighbourhoods and to the people of the one
Sovereign Lord.

To repeat, your responsibility is one third and one third only.
The second third is for the individual
And between each human soul and his or her Bestower.

The final third is with the family
And truly it hurts The Answerer
When the state interferes within the domain of the family.
The sacred thread from father to son
And mother to daughter
Shall no longer be cut by any state.

Also, you must ensure that populations cease to grow larger
And start to decrease,
And make certain that the Law is just
And administered so that the most foolish of The All
Praiseworthy's human creation
Can understand it, and see that it is just.

Finally: oh thou who name yourself
The Churches of The All Encompassing.
Your fault is very great,
And your collective folly and arrogance is responsible
In no small part for the falling away of belief.

You three religions who say you worship The Giver of Life,
The Infinite and single Fashioner of Forms. Know this.
You cannot worship The Exalter truly and say
That Muslims, Christians and Jews
Are not sons and daughters of the same Father.

You must forget what you have done to each other
And go forward together in peace
Or The Arbitrator shall see you destroyed in the floods
That will surely come.

Any mullah, priest or rabbi that standeth
Between just one man
And his God given conscience is dammed
And shall never taste The Pardoner's mercy.

Likewise any mullah, priest or rabbi
Who stands between a man and a woman
Who have chosen each other
For the sacrament of marriage
Is damned and shall never taste the mercy of The Judge.

Also know you this:
The All Aware chooses who shall be saved into eternal life,
Be they Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or animist.
You may tell the tale of your understanding
But do not dare to judge who shall be saved.

If you are wise
You will seek to know The Raiser of the Dead
And the purpose he intended for you.
Do not look for glory or special privilege.
Many who serve The Protecting Friend, Patron and Helper well,
serve him in little things.
But you may be certain that each of you has a calling
And tasks to undertake.
If you ask for help you will learn your purpose,
Each according to capacity,
Each according to need.

The skill you need therefore above all others
Is the skill of patience and surrender.
You need to learn to listen to the still voice
That speaks from within the spaces
Within the nucleus within every atom
That makes up the physical body
That is your only vehicle
For your brief sojourn on this earth.

Be assured that if you truly aspire
To the existence wished for you by The Numberer of All,
Then your life will not be snatched away
Until the day you are ordained to travel to the next world.

And surely you can see that The Bringer of Death
Is bringing a great gift.

The world is being raped and looted
And the dominion of those
Who are raping and looting may now end.

But if mankind does not repent
A great part of the families of mankind
Will cease to exist.

Be assured that havens will exist within the chaos.
Men and women of goodwill, patience and surrender
Will find their way to these havens
If they hear the guidance
And are prepared to relinquish at short notice
What they believe is their material security.

In the havens they will experience a taste
Of what will come when the earth returns to calm
And the selected survivors
Will build a civilisation nearer to the will of The All

Your children may yet live
To see the rising of this new world.
This is a great gift
And should fill the righteous with great joy.

It is a sad fact that the boundaries
Between tribes and between nations
Have for millennia been dominated
By the need for defence.

The natural boundaries within the continents
Are the watersheds, be they large or small.
As stewards of The Giver of Life's created earth,
Man needs to learn from the laws
By which this earth was created.

A measure of successful stewardship
Within a watershed is an increase in fertility
And an approximation to the Garden of Eden.

The most productive ecosystems
Are those that involve trees
And a multitude of species and plants.

Such systems self fertilise, do not erode
And produce more than any single crop
Or single species system can.

The earth does not love monoculture
And a landscape devoid of trees
Is a barren landscape.
The Compassionate loves trees
And the planting and care of trees is a blessing.

Seek not to scar the earth for it is sacred.
Plough not and dig not if you can.

Know that the horse is a more noble mode of transport
Than is the car and that great civilisations
Do not leave traces
Even a few centuries after their passing.

Great monuments of stone and concrete impress man.
They do not impress The Gatherer.
To be very clear, the Romans in their great halls
Were tyrants and godless men.
The Red Indians lived closer to The Guide, Infallible Teacher and Knower
And for centuries found favour with The Wise.
Their great culture was already in decay when the white man came.

Within each watershed let men and women
Together be organised into groups of four to five hundred.
Let each group select its own representatives and elders
For they know their own
If they are not proud before the eyes of The Truth.

Let each group select a representative
To sit in a regional council,
A region being made up of one or more watersheds.

Every few years, let each group
Propose from amongst its elders,
Wise men and women to sit as a regional council
And let the elders who are passing on their duties
Select by their wisdom who is best suited
To act as the wise men for that region.

Let a representative from each group
Act together as the executive council in each region
And let them take responsibility
For every duty that can be managed at that level.
Pass as few duties as possible on to higher councils.

The representatives from each group
Shall select their leader of council
For the next few years,
And this group shall be responsible
For the making and keeping of the Law.

The elders shall be a check on the laws
Of these representatives
And may delay or veto a law
If they feel deeply that it will damage the environment,
Lead to the breaking of The Guarantor's commandments,
Lead to a decay in family life
Or destroy the harmony of the community.

As in the region so in the nation or group of nations.
At the level of the nation
Let all the people choose who shall be their leader
From amongst the candidates
Put forward by representatives of the regions.
And let politics be an affair of regions
Rather than an affair of parties.

An explanation of how the above poem came about

I am now 56 years old and had worked for 25 years in third world development as an economist. I earned good money and was respected in my career; but felt an emptiness inside that I knew meant change was coming and basically found the development business too political to hope that much good was being achieved. Eventually I took the step in 2006 of quitting the company I worked for and after searching through food companies for sale, bought a sandwich bar (the first business with a good feeling and good numbers) and got out of the development business. My wife now runs the sandwich bar. I do the accounts and back up when staff are sick or on holiday. I am also mostly responsible for the care of our children (ten and twelve years old) but have been able to concentrate more on the writing I have done since my mid-thirties. The first work I did after quitting the company was to tidy up all the poems I had written between 1986 and 2006. Then I wrote a new collection based on my childhood and had it illustrated. This seems to have turned into the first volume of my life story up until I joined Subud. I am now working on the second volume. I love writing and feel close to the Creator every time I write.

Then just before Christmas in 2007, a poem came through me in a way I have not experienced before. It was long – nine pages. I wrote it in two sessions and had to make no substantial corrections. I corrected spellings, changed the repetitive use of the words God and Allah by using some of the names of God listed in Islam, and organised the poem into verses. The section titles were part of the receiving. I felt as though I was tapping into the collective human soul of this earth and writing what was already known there. How humans are damaging the earth and how God is warning us by sending signs, including not only global warming but other natural disasters also. The poem listed the changes that would be needed for God to let the current human population flourish and warned that the current population could be reduced to less than one fifth of its present size by wars and disasters unless the necessary changes came. I felt while writing that we had at least thirty years before God would finally decide our fates and that the warnings would become more and more severe over that time. Several things I wrote were quite foreign to me, coming from outside my own opinion range or point of view.

The changes God would require human rulers to make seemed (still seem) unlikely to happen but all the time I was writing I felt happy. I felt assured that anyone who listened to his or her inner would be warned to avoid disaster. I felt that there would be havens where new cultures would arise and that if God did strike humanity it would be done so that a better culture could arise. To survive the changes it was up to each of us to learn to truly follow God’s promptings and to behave correctly towards the earth and our fellow men. It was not our part to worry.

Copyright © Pollard Blakely 2009
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