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The 8 pages below cover the key elements of my healthy atmosphere campaign and are written for reading in the order presented.

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Book reviews.

Health is so important yet there is so much biased information around. The books below, in my opinion, help balance and broaden our knowledge.

Louise Hay's, "You can heal your life" has been on my reading list for many years. Because I had previously read a huge amount on the subject there were no big surprises in it but it was still very worthwhile and I will be referring to it many times in the future. Hay already knew of the power of positive thinking when she was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly she was challenged to test her own believes and by taking totally responsibility for her own health she managed to cure herself. I guess this victory gave her the authority in her own mind to write this best selling book.

Her fundamental theme is that every disease is created by a particular type of thought pattern. My own final validation of this theory came during a period of nearly a year when I had the misfortune to share a house with someone with mental health problems. What annoyed me is that although he was proud of being a scientist he would not listen to logical advice and his habits started to become extremely annoying. After a few weeks I had developed a cough that just would not go away. It lasted many months and at times it was so bad my ribs were in agony from the constant effort of coughing. Nothing would take away the itch until it finally occurred to me to look at my own thought patterns. I started telling my house-mate what's what (to hell with politeness) and also made an effort not to let it bug me when he failed to cooperate. Gradually the cough subsided and when I had totally learned the lessons he was sent to teach me he was able to move away. Now, whenever there is a hint of a cough I ask myself what words are stuck in my throat and it seems to stop the disease in its tracks.

Identifying the thoughts that are causing the disease is sometimes the easy step and stopping ourselves thinking them can often be far more difficult. A substantial chunk of the book is therefore about learning to love ourselves and using that love as a foundation on which to build healthy thoughts. A truly valuable resource!

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