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The 8 pages below cover the key elements of my healthy atmosphere campaign and are written for reading in the order presented.

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Help wanted.

Saving our planet from disaster will require a huge combined effort by many people. I have numerous technological ideas but not enough time or cash to develop them. What would be fantastic is to find more collaborators, partners or helpers. A wide range of offers are of interest. eg.

  • Help promoting this website.
  • Investors.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to develop new ethical products.
  • Manufacturers wanting licences on patents.
  • Business partners and mentors.
  • Technical collaborators.

Here are some of the ideas I would love to find a way to develop further.

  • A battery that could be built for substantially lower cost than present batteries.
  • A wind turbine design that could cut the mass of existing designs.
  • A system for producing biochar. It will both sequester carbon and produce power.
  • A way to make ultra-high efficiency electric motor/generators.
  • Kites for wind energy. A few of my ideas are already being developed at There are many more that could make offshore wind power generation economical enough to boom without subsidy.
  • Low mass telescope.
  • Staying warm with amazingly little energy. Two ideas for this.
  • Gas sensor capable of withstanding 900C or more.
  • Wave power system. (A rather large scale idea.)
  • Thermal shock resistant ceramic structures (eg. crucibles).
  • Flywheel system for energy storage.
  • Energy saving house foundation system.

Please contact me at if any of the above stirs your interest.

Healthy atmosphere campaign, Robert Copcutt's adverts page, climate change solutions, green house effect

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