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The 8 pages below cover the key elements of my healthy atmosphere campaign and are written for reading in the order presented.

More thoughts

Book reviews

2nd level pages adding detail to pages above

Some old family photos

Irene an Wyn and Mr Tate c 1911

Aunts Irene and Wyn taking possibly their first car ride, probably in 1908. Irene lived to 105 and Wyn to 97.

Grand parents

My grandparents enjoying their retirement.

Grand parents young

Grandparents in their youth.

Great grand parents

Great grandfather and his 3rd wife.

Wyn meets Duchess

Aunt Wyn meets the Duchess of Gloucestershire.

Wyn meets Queen

Wyn (far left) meets the Queen.

Hughes cousins

Aunt Olive's children taken in 1952.


Grandfather's car and van parked outside his dye and dry cleaning company.

Aunt Florrie

Great aunt Florrie

Aunt Thea

Great aunt Thea


Grand father and the staff of his company.

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